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Monday, February 6, 2012

Severe Storm without warning or attention next morning... May 15th, 2010

Please look at the radar archive link I posted below. It was a stormy day with moderate storms in the tri-state area. Everything seemed to have moved out but around midnight transitioning from May 14th to May 15th... a supercell exploded out of nowhere. Lightning kept the sky constantly lit. What amazed me was there were no warnings or NWS statements! I had 4 trees measuring 75-100 feet fall in my yard that fell. You can actually draw a straight line on an aerial view map for about a half mile of downed trees. Without a doubt we have had a microburst. I recorded a wind-gust of 88 mph on my weather station. We had golfball size hail and a few closer to baseball size. Some car windshields were cracked. Thunder shook the house and vibrated everything. This was by far the worst storm I have ever seen. Never one word from the NWS. The next morning on the local news there was NOTHING at all about it. You search on the internet, you will find NOTHING.... Me and my friend did a little exploration the next morning and counted 19 downed trees of what we could see all within a 2 mile area.What amazes me the most is that it got no attention by the NWS or reports to the news. Maybe there was only a microburst in my neighborhood and it wasn't reporting criteria a short distance away. But we are talking about a wind gust just shy of 90mph!!! If I can find the pics of the trees I will post them..At least I had plenty of firewood for the winter haha...Look at the radar and watch the final frames (11PM-1AM EDT...Southern CT). Tell me what you think guys...

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  1. That looked like a quick moving very localized storm. It hit just right. You have a top of the line weather station so that wind gust was definately valid. North Haven seems to be in the middle of the worst storms lately. I can't wait to see what my weather station records this summer!